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LA Marketing LLC was formed by a group of people that share a common vision of providing service, value and results second to none.  Our elite team has over 8 years experience, talent and networking connections to assist in selling your vehicle.  We work diligently for you be effectively promoting and showcasing your vehicle to prospective buyers.  Our program utilizes high volume websites as well as we will showcase your vehicle on a professional live auction on eBay Motors.  eBay Motors is the world's largest marketplace today.

Our team of customer service specialists' will keep you up to date with the progress and activity on your vehicle.  We are committed to the true value of our service and the confidence you have placed in it.  We do the work for you; ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ANSWER YOUR PHONE!

These are the principals we live by and our pledge to our customers:  The technology we use to do business may constantly change, but sound business and marketing practices do not.

  • Innovation: We are committed to the concepts of continuous quality service and process improvement.  To continually review all phases of our system in an effort to provide a level of service second to none.

  • Culture: We believe our people are the source of our strength and the key to our future.  The dedication of our employees and their desire to continually make improvements are indispensible and determine the quality of our services.

  • Teamwork: We must work together, both internally and externally….as a team with trust and respect.  We encourage our customers to help us find unconventional and practical processes in an effort to achieve success in today’s market place.

  • Commitment to Value: The true value of our service may only be determined by the confidence placed in it.  Our owners and employees have confidence in our services because we stand behind our services and our customers.
  • Integrity: This is the foundation on our company is built on.




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