Escrow Services Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of FraudWhy Use Escrow? is the exclusive escrow service provider for Protects Online Buyers and Sellers from Fraud. adds trust to the transaction. reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions. Escrow services are provided by a licensed and regulated escrow company.

  • When to use Escrow is well-suited for items purchased on auction sites, automobiles, motorcycles, domain names, jewelry, specialized computer equipment, and other high-ticket items.
  • When to use another payment service: If you know and trust the other party involved in the transaction.

Protection for both Buyer and Seller

  • Buyers receive and inspect the merchandise before the Seller is paid.
  • Sellers receive their money if the Buyer accepts the merchandise. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud




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