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DASDAS is the preferred vehicle transport provider for VehicleDeals.net.

Moving can be a difficult time. Your possessions have to be packed. You have to worry about placing your kids in a new school, your dogs on a new carpet, or maybe you are more concerned about a new boss at a new job in an unfamiliar new city. With so much to deal with, car shipping shouldn't be a concern. That’s why Dependable Auto Shippers stands ready to relocate your vehicle where ever you need it, when you need it.

Dependable Auto Shippers is the largest and most recognized auto shipping company in the country. For the past 50 years, DAS has been delivering cars across the country as well as all around the globe and back.

DAS offers a variety of car shipping and vehicle relocation related services including:

  • Car Shipping and Auto Transport Services
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Corporate Relocation Services
  • Car Dealer Relocation Services
  • Specialized Vehicle (ATV, RV, etc ) Shipping
  • International Car Shipping
  • Car Moving Resource Center

By listening to our customers, defining needs, and customizing our vehicle relocation programs, DAS has made moving any vehicle simple. DAS makes it easy to deliver almost any vehicle to practically any location, worldwide.

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • And More!

DAS possesses the largest, most advanced car shipping fleet in the industry. Car carriers of all sizes and types are available to meet your specific requirements. A multitude of options are available to meet your specific needs—you may wish to have your car delivered directly to your door or you may wish to pick your car up at one of over 85 terminal locations across the country. Most of our vehicles ship onboard an enclosed transport to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle during its journey.

Technology moves almost as fast as Dependable Auto Shippers does. Satellite tracking provided by Qualcomm allows all of DAS's customers to log on to the web site to get the exact location of their car transport vehicle en route.

For the past 50 years, Dependable Auto Shippers has been the auto transport company of choice. With the most experience in the industry and the highest quality trucks and training for its employees, DAS will make your car shipping as simple and worry-free as is possible. Just don't forget your goldfish.




Sims Logistics. moves all types of vehicles.

We specialize in making the auto relocation process stress free for our customers. Sims Logistics Inc. will keep your individual vehicle, route, and pick up and delivery scheduling needs in mind while handling and managing the many timing details, weather and traffic delays, and the Department of Transportation regulations for your particular transport.

Sims Logistics Inc. is licensed and bonded to provide door-to-door transportation service throughout the 50 States and Canada, plus Overseas Shipping, using fully insured, open or enclosed car carriers. We professionally transport automobiles, boats, motorcycles, farm/heavy equipment, trucks, campers, travel trailers, and classic cars.

Call 917-224-5463 today for a quote!



J. J. Best Banc & Co. is the preferred financing provider for VehicleDeals.net.

J. J. Best Banc & Co. is recognized by Antique, Classic, Kit, Muscle, Exotic, Rod and Sports Car enthusiasts as the national leader in the classic automobile financing industry. Automobile owners all across America have trusted J.J. Best Banc & Co. for financing that is fast and simple, usually 5-minute credit approval. We know the value and understand the collateral whatever the vehicle type or year. We proudly loan to make dream car loans come true.

Our basic philosophy: The customer comes first, that's why we are the largest lender of our type in the country. With national lending ability, J. J. Best Banc & Co. is committed to providing you with quick credit approvals (usually within 5 minutes). We offer low rates, long terms (5-10 years), simple interest, and no prepayment penalty along with the most professional knowledgeable staff and service in the industry.

You will find that our classic auto loan specialists will take the time to explain all your options and then work overtime to put together the best possible loan for you. We also have the knowledge and appreciation to understand the value of these specialty automobiles.


Rates Starting at 6.80%

What is your current rate? If it is higher than the rate shown above you need to refinance with J.J. Best Banc & Co. to lower your monthly payments. We have many flexible programs with loan terms up to 7 years to make your monthly payment as low as possible. Call us today or apply online to see what we can do for you. In some cases you can get a lower payment than a lease!

Cash Out

Do you want to add to your collection or add to the value of your existing classic? Do you have a classic or exotic car that you own outright? This vehicle has considerable equity that we will lend on. You can take out a loan on a percentage of the value of your vehicle and make low monthly payments. Call us today or apply online and ask about our Cash Out program.

J.J. Best Banc & Co.


About Us

LA Marketing LLC was formed by a group of people that share a common vision of providing service, value and results second to none.  Our elite team has over 8 years experience, talent and networking connections to assist in selling your vehicle.  We work diligently for you be effectively promoting and showcasing your vehicle to prospective buyers.  Our program utilizes high volume websites as well as we will showcase your vehicle on a professional live auction on eBay Motors.  eBay Motors is the world's largest marketplace today.

Our team of customer service specialists' will keep you up to date with the progress and activity on your vehicle.  We are committed to the true value of our service and the confidence you have placed in it.  We do the work for you; ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ANSWER YOUR PHONE!

These are the principals we live by and our pledge to our customers:  The technology we use to do business may constantly change, but sound business and marketing practices do not.

  • Innovation: We are committed to the concepts of continuous quality service and process improvement.  To continually review all phases of our system in an effort to provide a level of service second to none.

  • Culture: We believe our people are the source of our strength and the key to our future.  The dedication of our employees and their desire to continually make improvements are indispensible and determine the quality of our services.

  • Teamwork: We must work together, both internally and externally….as a team with trust and respect.  We encourage our customers to help us find unconventional and practical processes in an effort to achieve success in today’s market place.

  • Commitment to Value: The true value of our service may only be determined by the confidence placed in it.  Our owners and employees have confidence in our services because we stand behind our services and our customers.
  • Integrity: This is the foundation on our company is built on.


Sell Your Vehicle

Select a package from the options below that is right for you.

Network Package


List Your Vehicle Now

Package includes:

  • Professional listing on VehicleDeals.net until sold
  • Listing will also appear on up to *35 classified ad partnered websites for maximum exposure   (*subject to vehicle type)
  • Search engine optimization for your vehicle listing to consistently rank highly in search engine results
  • Unlimited description and changes to your listing
  • Up to 12-photos displayed
  • Customer services support
  • No commission or post sale fees

Network package add-ons:

  • iOffer 60 Day Auction - Add $229
  • eBid 60 Day Auction - Add $229
  • Youtube Video - Add $199
  • Online Auction - Add $199
  • Vehicle Deals "featured" vehicle - Add $150 (ALLOWS 24 PHOTOS)
  • Vehicle Deals "banner" ad - Add $150 (ALLOWS 24 PHOTOS)
  • 7-day eBay Motors Buy-it-Now Auction - Add $129

Deluxe Package


List Your Vehicle Now

Let us relieve the stress of selling your vehicle. our professional and experienced customer service team possess the tools and knowledge to create the best showcase for your vehicle.

  • All benefits of Network package
  • 10-day buy it now live auction on eBay - Two full weekends
  • Professional template to showcase your vehicle on auction
  • We will monitor your vehicle auction activity and contact you with all quality offers and serious inquiries.
  • No additional commission or post sale fees.

Supreme Package


List Your Vehicle Now

  • Our supreme package level provides the longest duration auction that eBay Motors provides; 21-days.
  • Includes all services provided in the Network Package
  • Professional template for a 21-day Buy-It-Now live auction on eBay Motors
  • We will monitor your auction and contact you with all quality offers
  • No additional commission or post sale fees

Deluxe and Supreme Package Add-Ons:

  • Vehicle Deals "featured" vehicle - Add $150
  • Vehicle Deals "banner" ad - Add $150

Ultimate Package:


List Your Vehicle Now

Our Ultimate Package provides the most exposure for your vehicle that our services provide. Your vehicle will receive all the benefits of the Network and Supreme Packages as well as a 30-day front page feature and banner listing on VehicleDeals.net and an eBay motors 21 day buy it now auction.

Feature Add On Descriptions

VehicleDeals.net "featured" vehicle: Your vehicle will appear on the front page of vehicledeals.net for 30-days on a rotation basis. A featured listing will typically double, almost triple the amount of traffic a listing receives. This feature also allows your vehicle to display 24 photos.

Vehicle Deals "banner" ad: We will create a custom banner ad featuring your vehicle. This banner will appear in rotation on the front page of VehicleDeals.net.  Banner ads typically double the amount of traffic a listing receives.  This banner ad allows 24 photos displayed for your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

What service do you provide?

We provide an aggressive marketing solution to assist you in selling your vehicle. We do all the work for you; all you have to do is answer your phone.

Why did you contact me?

This could be for many reasons, but most likely because there has been an interest shown in the type of item you are selling.

Do you finance and transport vehicles?

We work with companies that we can refer the buyer to for financing as well as transporting the vehicle.

How long have you been doing this?

Our staff has over 8 years experience in marketing and selling vehicles.

Do you guarantee to sell my vehicle?

No, and really no one can guarantee that your vehicle will sell.  There are too many variables to guarantee a sale.  We can only guarantee what we can control.  Our guarantee is that we will market your vehicle until it is sold at the price you are asking AND WE PROVIDE THE BEST OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO GET YOUR VEHICLE SOLD.  Time allowance for our process to work is a requirement.

What if I sell my vehicle myself?

You are not required to sell your vehicle through us.  If you do sell your vehicle on your own it is extremely important you notify us immediately so we may end your eBay auction and other listings.

How long will it take to get my vehicle listed?

Your ad is normally listed within 24 to 48 hours of receiving payment.

Why is my ad not showing on all your partner sites?

This could be for many reasons; some partners are subject to vehicle type as well as have requirements such as exterior photo and VIN Numbers.  Others only display ads for a limited time before they expire.  Let us know if your ad is not visible on our partner’s sites within 7 days of listing.

How many photos can my ad have?

Your listing allows up to 12 photos depending on the site it is listed on.  If you have invested in a “featured” ad, you are allowed up to 24 photos.

How do I send photos?

The fastest way is to email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Please send 3 to 4 photos per email to ensure delivery.  Also, include your name and phone number the vehicle is listed under to ensure they are posted in a rapid manner.  You mail also mail photos to:  920 S. 107th Ave. Omaha, NE.  68114

How do I make changes to my ad?

You may email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your required changes or you may contact customer service at 877-853-9037 Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 4pm central time zone.

How long will my ad stay listed?

Your ad is listed “until sold” on VehicleDeals.Net. Partnered website listings are subject to website listing terms/conditions, listing duration may vary from site to site and are subject to vehicle type. If you invested in an eBay package, we run 7, 10 and 21 day auctions.

What personal information do you share with others?

We share vehicle information such as Year, Make and Model.  Your name, city and state are also displayed in the ad.  We do not display your phone number or email address on your ad.  We bring only interested buyers to you.

Why am I not getting any phone calls?

One of the benefits of using LA Marketing is the service we provide.  We handle inquiries on your vehicle and bring only interested buyers to you.  If you are not receiving activity we encourage you to contact customer service or your account manager and request a review of your listing.  A review will include:  review of photos (are they clear and do they show the true condition of the vehicle?), a description review (does the description clearly define the vehicle and it's condition?) and a current market value (is the vehicle fairly priced?).  There are things that can be changed on listings to induce more attention to your vehicle listing.

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