1957 Beechcraft Bonanza H-35 5556D Fixed Wing Single Engine Airplane
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 Ad # : 2484
 Category : Aircraft
 Price : $47,900 NEGOTIABLE
 Make : Beechcraft
 Model : Bonanza
 Serial # : D-5078
 Registration # : N5556D
 Hours : 4725
 Year of manufacture : 1957
 Availability : Available
 Zip/Post Code Location of Vehicle : 63139
1957 Beechcraft Bonanza 5556D Model H-35.  1957 Bonanza, well-maintained, all logs. Lovingly restored executive classic. comfortable, smooth flying IFR cross-country plane, flown regularly.

4725 hr total time
800 hr SMOH
Annual to June 30, 2013
xpdr & static check till Feb 28, 2014
paint and interior 9
155 kt cruise

One-piece Speedslope windshield, alternator, aux fuel tanks, aux electric fuel pump, Cleveland wheels and brakes, Exhaust Gas Temperature Meter, heavy engine case, communication transceiver, VOR/ILS/glide slope/marker, transponder with altitude encoder, corrosion protection

Smooth-flying, IFR, fast, comfortable, economical classic. Cruises at 155 kt.
4-place, attractive, comfortable cabin
240 HP 6-cylinder Continental O-470-G engine. Its pressure carburetor is virtually immune to carburetor icing, and self-adjusts for altitude changes.
Heavy-duty engine case.
One-piece speed slope windshield.
Hydraulic constant-speed 2-blade prop.
Auxiliary fuel tanks. 53 gallons total usable.
Endurance 4.2 hours, 496 n.mi. no wind (no reserve)
Electrically operated retractable landing gear.
Landing gear position indicator lights
Automatic retractable entry step
Electrically operated flaps.
Flap position indicator lights
Heated pitot tube.
Illuminated fuel tank selector valve.
New tires, engine cooling baffles and seat belts.
Electric auxiliary fuel pump.
Beech air conditioner ("swamp cooler")
Engine Instruments:
Engine operating time (Hobbs meter)
manifold pressure
Individual fuel quantity - four tanks
Fuel pressure
Oil pressure
Oil temperature
6-cylinder exhaust gas temperature
Flight Instruments:
Attitude indicator
Airspeed indicator
Heading indicator
Turn coordinator with slip/skid indicator
Rate of climb/descent indicator

The interior is in fine condition.  (as is the exterior paint)
Note: The seat belts were just replaced, matching the seat color

Control panel:
Far left: At the top is the NAV VOR/ILS/glide slope/marker, then the audio switching panel, Communications transceiver, and the Mode C transponder

Center area: The rectangular instrument cluster, above which are flight instruments in a modified sixpack layout. Engine controls below include vernier throttle and RPM.

Top right: Engine instruments, glove box, with a row of circuit breakers below.


NARCO NAV 122 TSO VOR/LOC/Glide Slope/Marker Beacon
NARCO UGR-3 Glideslope Receiver
NARCO COM 111 720-channel communication transceiver (50 kHz channel spacing)
NARCO CP-126 Audio selector panel with 3-light marker beacon
CENTURY I single-axis autopilot with NAV tracking

This airplane can make it to Airventure at Oshkosh in one easy day's flying (8 hours or less) from anywhere in the US. Exception is from the West Coast (up to 11 hours).

In fact, the four long cross country trips depicted at the right require only two fuel stops each, except San Francisco to Chicago, which needs three refueling stops. What a great traveling machine this is.

This airplane cruises at 14 miles per gallon, which is better than muscle cars such as Camaro, Ferrari GTO, or the Range Rover Sport.

For sale and located in Saint Louis, Missouri 63139

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