1987 Chevrolet P30 28ft Morgan Olson Body Lunch Truck
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 Ad # : 325
 Category : Commercial
 Type : VAN-BOX
 Price : $49,999 NEGOTIABLE
 Make : Chevrolet
 Model : P30
 Overdrive : No
 # Of Speeds : 3
 Engine Make : Chevy
 Transmission : Automatic
 Fuel type : Gas
 Mileage : 3700 miles
 Exterior color : Red
 Year of manufacture : 1987
 Availability : Sold
 Zip/Post Code Location of Vehicle : 80403
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For Sale: 1987 Chevrolet P30 Morgan Olson Body Lunch Truck. This is a real lunch truck conversion. This vehicle was converted by a lunch truck manufacturer. This truck is powered by a Chevrolet 350 ci with a 3 speed automatic transmission, independent front suspension, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, and a 40 gallon fuel tank. This truck is 28ft long and rated at 10,000 GVW. This will save on licensing fees as it is an older vehicle as well as under the higher fees of 10,001 GVW. Odometer states 3700, original mileage unknown.

Vehicle upgrades and maintenance: This truck has a new radiator, new power steering pump, new ball joints on both sides, new lower control arm on the left lower side, repacked front wheel bearings, brake flush just completed, new tires and alignment just completed, and resealed rear axle flanges. Additionally the front brakes were just inspected and we estimated at approximately 45% left. This truck has also been fitted with Firestone rear air suspension helper. This is a great addition as it allows you to level and raise the vehicle depending on load. The rear shocks have been replaced as well as a tune up has been performed. This truck also has a rearview camera. The mileage is unknown as the speedometer has been replaced but this truck has been well maintained and all major issues and maintenance have been addressed. This tuck did pass Colorado emissions upon its last inspection. Also included will be a digital copy of the repair manual for this vehicle.

Lunch Truck Upgrades: The entire water system lines have been replaced with NSF rubber hoses with drain valves. This allows for year round operation without having to worry about freezing water lines. You just simply drain the water at the end of the day and fill up in the morning. Refrigerators have been upgraded with 12v fans as well as reinsulated. Propane lines have been replaced where they have shown age as well as a two stage regulator has been replaced.

Kitchen: This is a professional lunch truck conversion with all stainless steel. Two basket 27"x 20" fryer, 42"x 27"grill, 50"x 22" Steam Table, 3 fan exhaust hood with screens, 3 compartment sink, 1 hand wash sink, 42 gallon potable water, 50 gallon waste water, 3 door 16 cubic foot refrigeration with cold prep above, and 20 gallon propane tank. The kitchen also has a lot of overhead storage as well as 2 box fans for air circulation. Two large doors open on the passenger side of the vehicle where there is a large display area as well as a huge tray for ice for drink display. All schematics of interior will be provided as this is need in licensing.

Kitchen Electrical: This lunch truck will run off of 12v as well as 110v. The 12v system is powered by two new deep cycle batteries that will run the exhaust vents, florescent lighting, and fans in refrigerator. 110v system will charge the batteries as well as run refrigerator compressor and available six outlets. Most trucks require a generator to run all of these accessories. Depending on the event or where you park you can run everything off of the 12v system for an extended period of time. Additionally the system will also run off of 220v through the inverter. The power cable will be supplied.

Included in the sale: ALL KITCHEN EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES WILL BE INCLUDED! This includes 2 new fryer baskets, 6 tongs, 2 burger flippers, 2 ice cream serving spoon, 2 bread knives, two probe thermometers, 6 ketchup/mustard bottles, 4 frying pans, all steam table trays, 2 165qt coolers, 2 stainless steel cookie sheets, 1 cutting board, 5 spay bottles, 2 sanitizing buckets, 2 rubber floor mats, and remaining cleaning chemicals. Additionally a 2400 watt tri fuel (Gas/LPG/Natural Gas) Yamaha Inverter Generator. This generator is super quiet and will run on a gas grill propane bottle for 24 hours. There are probably more kitchen utensils that I have forgot about but they will be included.

This truck is ready to go! It has been fully licensed in Jefferson County and Denver Colorado!. Why spend your money trying to convert an existing truck? Start making money and be your own boss today! This truck is ready to start serving as soon as your obtain your health permits. Vehicle has an existing wrap which can be easily removed and your concept can be reapplied. Vehicle is being sold AS IS with NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. This vehicle is not being sold with business name or concept. New owner will be responsible to remove current wrap within 90 of purchase. If interested in purchasing business name and marketing as well please contact seller to discuss. Buyer is responsible for all shipping and taxes incurred upon purchase.

For sale and located in Golden, Colorado 80403

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